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In the Fall of 2015, we moved our office down the street into a completely new, carefully planned building.  We are so excited to welcome the community and to provide the most advanced care possible.

At Ease

from the Start

Our office is designed specially for children to help them feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience while visiting the dentist.


We provide a spacious room for relaxing and playing before your appointment begins.  We have toys, building blocks, and many coloring page activities for your kids to enjoy.

Children are able to see other children get their teeth cleaned. This helps them to have courage if they are scared.

Bright Atmosphere

Because of our bright fun colors, children realize that the fun atmosphere is for them and are less intimidated.

Now you see them, now you don't

For parents who might want to view things from afar.  We have switches that allow the cleaning room to be seen or private depending on each patients comfort level.

Open Office

With our open office design, parents are free to move through out the office during their child’s visit.  They can also stand or sit by their children to give them an extra sense of security.

AWESOME Distractions

Televisions are located above every cleaning bench so that the children can be distracted by movies while their teeth are being worked on

Less Movement, More Confidence

Cleaning Benches are used instead of the traditional dental chair.  Because the benches don’t move, they aren’t as scary.


We understand that kids come with all kinds of different temperments.  For  our little patients who might not be as used to being around a dentist, our facility provides a sound proof area away from other patients called "quiet rooms".  We also have full equiped privacy rooms for procedures that require more than just cleaning.


Staying current with the latest technology benefits our us and our patients greatly.  You can feel more comfortable knowing we've been trained on and use the least invasive tools that are available today.

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Our full office hours are:

Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

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